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Robert Leach

General Superintendent

Bob is a seasoned construction veteran who provides invaluable expertise, support and knowledge to his Nauset colleagues, our clients and industry partners. His extensive experience enables him to proactively identify potential issues before they become real problems, offering creative and practical solutions that empower the entire team to delivery a successful project.



As General Superintendent, Bob is responsible for providing oversight, management and technical support to Nauset's field operations. Bob’s proven leadership, experience, technical knowledge and organizational skills are instrumental during the preconstruction (planning) phase and throughout the entire construction process.

With over 30 years experience in building construction management, Bob has a successful track record in managing and coordinating subcontractors and suppliers, ensuring a productive and efficient work flow throughout the critical path of a project. Bob is well versed in the sensitive issues involved with complex, dense urban construction. He has extensive multi-unit residential, mixed-use, healthcare, commercial and institutional experience with projects involving challenging site, budget and schedule requirements.

Bob's portfolio of projects completed under his management is extensive and diverse including the Lexington Place, Lexington, MA; Jurys Boston Hotel, Boston, MA; Museum Towers, Cambridge, MA; One Lincoln Street, Boston, MA; Sotheby’s Auction House, New York, NY; Great Lakes Mall, Michigan, IL; NASDAQ New York Headquarters, New York, NY; University of Massachusetts Student Center, Boston, MA.